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Thursday we killed Kromog on normal difficulty. After only a few tries on this day he seemed a lot easier than the last time we tried him. Ofcourse we once again have a nice picture from our usual photographer!

Kromog normal

The Flamebender dies

Thefatpala a posted Feb 13, 15

We started our progression in the second week on Flamebender Ka'graz. The picture has been invaded by a random soulwell, so it isn't perfect. Next will be Kromog and he will be the last normal boss before we start on heroic!

Flamebender Ka'graz

Slow raidleader is slow!

Thefatpala a posted Feb 11, 15

Have been kinda slacking on the news posts, so here is a catch up post. In this time we cleared three more bosses, being Beaslord Darmac, Operator Thogar and Hans'gar and Franzok. Hans'gar and Franzok has been killed lacking a few people do to the blizzard loading screen boss (got it to 90% :P). Ofcourse we have some more pictures (ofcourse on Hans'gar and Franzok missing some people (including the raidleader).

Beastlord Darmac

Hans'gar and Franzok

Operator Thogar

P.s. the last pictures wasn't taken by our normal photographer, as he wasn't there!

On the first night we killed both Gruul and Oregorger. We took some time on oregorger and even the taurens are a bit more flat after being rolled over x amount of times. But in the end we killed him. This time we have pictures AND videos again!

Gruul normal

Oregorger normal

Ko'ragh down

Thefatpala a posted Feb 3, 15

This must be our lucky week: another one down! Ko'ragh went down after only two or three tries. Congratz everyone and lets keep it up in Blackrock Foundry

p.s. if it wasn't for the stupid raidleader we would have probably killed Imperator (Impregnator) as well

Ko'ragh Heroic

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