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We finally managed to kill a progression boss and not forget to take a picture. After some 0-3% tries we killed it on the legendary and famous "last try". Good job everyone!

The Butcher Heroic

Brackenspore normal!

Thefatpala posted Dec 5, 14
Brackenspore normal was down after only a few tries. The boss himself proved that only 1 out of 3 shrooms kill you. so yeah....... do drugs. Uuuuhhhh no don't.
Here's the video :S

After a try where we saw 11 of these guys (1 -> 2 -> 8 = 1+2+8=11) we smelled.... blood? (does this guy even bleed?). Only just hitting the berserk. After that we killed him in a few tries.
We once again have a nice video of this, so go take a look! :)

The Butcher normal!

Thefatpala posted Dec 4, 14
The Butcher also died on the first raid night. Once again we have a video of the fight.

Auldwyn, Retri Paladin pov

Kargath Bladefist has been defeated on normal. We won't be taking any pictures from normal (only the last boss maybe). But there are videos from it!

Auldwyn, Retri Paladin pov

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