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Bloodlust didn't save them

Sam a posted Aug 26, 14
Last night we killed shamans on heroic for the first time. This makes 2 new boss kills this reset and another picture on the front page.


Half way there

Sam a posted Aug 20, 14
With Warlords of Draenor's release date revealed we're pressing on in Siege of Orgrimmar and tonight we downed Juggernaught for the first time. As always there is a new picture here and in the gallery.

The gates are open!

Sam a posted Jul 11, 14
Last night we defeated General Nazgrim on Heroic for the first time. This kill comes just before several raiders go on holiday and we were very happy. Progression will likely be put on hold for a while, but we aim to "farm" our current heroic kills over the summer.

Dead Dragon

Sam a posted Jun 27, 14
With exams over and most of our raiders back we managed to kill Galakras on heroic difficulty last night. And again we remember to take a pretty new picture for the website of our very first kill, so here it is:

Oh, and we did ress Ashkardi - he just killed himself again for the picture.

Thefatpala Yeah connaire, you are finally where you belong
Ashkardi i look amazing in this
Thefatpala And that in 6 tries... we probably spend as much time on sha as on galakras, while galakras was progress xD

Fallen Protectors Heroic dead

Sam a posted Jun 18, 14
With a lot of new members of our raid we've now downed another heroic boss! Soon we're on to Galakras and will hopefully have another picture again. If summer holidays don't get too much in the way. ;)

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