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Heroic Sha of Pride down

Lyriel a posted Mar 10, 14
Friday our raid team down Sha of Pride on Heroic mode for the first time, which ofc means a new picture for the front page. Gratz to all who were part of it! :)

Luka god i hate thet ferdy get a priest life grip..........

Heroic progression has begun

Lyriel a posted Dec 13, 13
Last night our raiders got more than just our first heroic kill! Downing Immerseus for the first time wasn't quite enough - they had to kill Norushen on heroic as well. A great start at heroic progression and two new pictures here. Maybe we'll see even more kills before Christmas? Only time will tell. :)

Garrosh down

Lyriel a posted Nov 23, 13
Thursday evening our raiders downed Garrosh Hellscream for the first time and have now finished normal mode. Next up is ofc heroic while we wait for Warlords of Draenor. This time however we don't just have a picture of the boss dead - we have a video of the actual kill! Both can be found in the Gallery.

Kill videos

Lyriel a posted Nov 18, 13
While still working on getting our Garrosh kill, Spearofhope has made some lovely videos of some of our boss kills. These can be found in the Gallery. Right now we have four boss kills you can watch, but more will follow in time. So if you want to see our raiders in action take a look!

Just one to go!

Lyriel a posted Nov 2, 13
I've been away for a week and suddently 3 pics needs to be uploaded to the website. Thok died the 25th when the raid team brought out a Zandalari Toesnibbler to help, and the 31st both Blackfuse and the Paragons died as well. This leaves us with just Garrosh left and 3 new lovely pics for the front page. :)

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