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In this raid week we managed to kill two more heroic bosses and got some decent progress on Iron Maidens. This week Operator Thogar was easier on heroic than it was on normal. Besides that we also killed Kromog! Only three bosses remain on heroic. Ofcourse we took some pictures! :)

Operator Thogar Heroic 

Kromog Heroic

Blackhand normal Down!

Sénsi a posted Mar 27, 15

Tonight we finally killed Blackhand on normal. This fight took us quiet a few tries and the last phase seemed to give is the most problems, but after a well timed tranq after we landed, we finally managed to kill it. We will now continue with our heroic progression, but will it be Operator Thogar or Kromog?

P.S. Edited by your regular poster, as Sénsi doesn't add text to it :S

Photographer afk

Thefatpala posted Mar 13, 15

This is gonne be quiet a big catch up post, as our photographer was a little slow with the pictures. We killed another four bosses on heroic, being Gruul, Beastlord Darmac, Oregorger en Flambender Ka'graz. We don't have a picture of Gruul though!. We also killed The Blast Furnace on normal.

Beastlord Darmac Heroic

Oregorger Heroic

Flamebender Ka'graz Heroic

The Blast Furnace Normal

Thefatpala i put this news post up ages ago aswell ...
Sénsi a I wasn't slow I put them up ages ago ...

Last week we killed Iron Maidens on normal. The fight wasn't really that hard, but that might be because we had enough dps to skip the third dreadnaught phase. Besides the 8th normal kill we also killed our first one of Blackrock Foundry on heroic. This being Hans'gar and Franzok. We also got Beastlord Darmac to 3%, but so far no kill.

We ofcourse also have the pictures again!

Iron Maidens normal

Hans'gar and Franzok heroic

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